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My life is whizzing past and I don’t even know what is going on in my child’s life. I can sometimes feel as though I don’t even know or understand my child. Am I building a healthy relationship with them?

Why am I fighting with my child to get their homework done? It is like pulling teeth every night and they are miserable.  Is school supposed to be creating this divide between my child and I?

My child’s school does not seem to be meeting their needs. They are really struggling. My child used to have beautiful zest and passion for learning, but that seems to be fading away. 

What exactly does my child need to learn?  How can they learn without feeling coerced?  

Curriculum choice is so overwhelming.  How will I know which one to choose? I feel too much pressure to make these decisions on my own. 

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Do any of these resonate with you? 

Whatever concerns, challenges, or questions you may have, Conscious Homeschooling can offer support and guidance in any stage of homeschooling and parenting.

My Journey With You

What is right for one family may not be right for another. Of course, there is no one size that fits all. With that, I am here to share with you my knowledge and experience around how kids learn. I can share the science and recent research around cognition, learning, parenting, and education that will help you meet your goals and help you to stay in alignment with core family values that are most meaningful to you and your family.

Here is how we can work together to find a homeschool experience that is right for you and your family. 

Let me be your guide on this special and unique journey.

Step 1:

Legal Requirements

First, I’ll take you through the legal requirements for homeschooling in your state. This includes how you can withdraw your child from the system and meet the requirements outlined in the law.  We’ll talk about creating portfolios, necessary paperwork, testing, enrollment, etc.

Step 2: 

Mission and Vision

Next, I’ll guide you through a reflection activity to help you identify your core values.  With these defined values we will work together on drafting a mission and vision for your homeschool experience.  This will serve as the cornerstone for creating the lifestyle day in and day out that best aligns to your values and puts you back on track when you fall of course.

Step 3: 

Conditions for Learning

Environmental conditions that optimize growth, development, and learning will be discussed. I’ll offer insight and advice on which materials, resources, invitations, and curriculum will best serve your needs and the needs your children.

Step 4: 

Routine and Rhythm 

After that I’ll offer suggestions on how to develop a rhythm that works for you and your family so that your stated mission and vision can be met with success.  

Step 5: 


Homeschoolers learn through real-world experiences. Experiences that help your children be active participants in society and able to make positive contributions with confidence while developing skills to succeed and persevere. For this next step, I’ll walk you through the process of planning daily adventures and experiences that will provide your children with knowledge, skills, and strategies to reach their learning goals and develop strong relationships with people in the community and the world.

Step 6: 

Overcoming Challenges

You may be your own worst critic through this journey and this may be the most difficult hurdle to overcome. While this may be the last step, it may be most critical. I will provide you with insight and research that will help you lead with knowledge and confidence.