Conscious HomeSchooling

A 10-Week Program for Parents

Peace, Harmony, Freedom, and Well-Educated Children the Conscious Way.

Conscious Homeschooling frees you and your children to live in loving connection and compassion with yourself, one another, and your community.

Learn exactly how to cultivate a harmonious relationship and facilitate engagement in lifelong learning through this transformative process.

Week 1: A Paradigm Shift from Power Over to Connection With, From Struggle to Joyful Engagement


Week 2 : Core Principles of Conscious Parenting and Self-Directed Learning


Week 3: Triggers and Unmet Needs


Week 4: Emotional Intelligence and Brain Science


Week 5: Collaborative Communication


Week 6: Empowered Parents, Empowered Children


Week 7: Facilitating Self-Directed Education


Week 8: Authentic Play and Learning


Week 9: Boundaries and Goals Aligned with Core Values


Week 10: Your Personal Transformation to A Conscious Way of Living and Learning


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