Ideal Environment for Optimal Learning

Whether you have been homeschooling for just a few months, or for many years, it pays to evaluate the space in your home as it relates to a successful learning experience and the educational journey in which you embark.  A learning environment is a platform in which individuals engage with one another and their surroundings to acquire new knowledge and […]

Growing In Self-Awareness

Conscious Parenting is recognizing that parenting is about the internal world of the parent, not about the child. When parents can feel safe and secure in who they are, then they can leave space to allow their children to grow with confidence into who they are meant to be, not who the parent, culture, society, or someone else wants or […]

The Need for Struggle and Reflection

Challenging yourself does not always feel good. It often feels scary and uncomfortable. Yet it is only through the greatest struggle or discomfort that we learn something new with a sense of empowerment and resilience to endure even greater challenges. Equally important in the learning process is time to think deeply, process stimuli, and reflect. A self-directed learner is provided […]