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Welcome!  My name is Erica Kesilman.  Together with my husband and three whimsical, enlightening children, I live in Melbourne Beach, FL where you’ll find us uncovering the magic of nature any chance we can get!

 I founded Conscious Homeschooling, LLC to walk alongside families in their journey to find what they are looking for in their parenting and homeschool experience. It is no argument that our society’s fast pace of life is often clouded by overwhelming mainstream advice that distracts us from our core values and parenting instincts. Oftentimes, we get stuck in old patterns that leave us feeling unfulfilled, confused, or even lost. As your guide, I will help you manifest, express, and realize a vision that is meaningful to your family where you can find harmony, joy, and success by your own definition.

 Using an integrated approach that includes evidence-based educational psychology practices supported by recent brain science, respectful, conscious parenting, and professional teaching approaches, I can show you how to actualize life-long learning and joy.  As a self directed education advocate and parent enthusiast I can pave the way for your family’s journey through self directed education so that you and your children can share your creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit with the world. 

 My past educational and professional experience ranges from working with families and students of all ages in both the traditional and alternative educational settings.  With a Dual Masters degree in K-12 Educational Administration and Supervision and Educational Technology and B.A. in Early Child Psychology, I have nearly two decades of experience guiding, teaching, and coaching families so their children can realize their sovereign spirit, express their inner voice, and find resilience, growth, and empowerment within.

 I chose the name Conscious Homeschooling for one reason: We optimize our powerful learning capacities when we are aware.  When we are aware of how our own ego, agendas, and expectations prevent us from showing up for our children in ways that bring forth fulfillment, connection, and unconditional love with oneself, the community, and the natural world. 

 But, this does not start with the child, it starts with the parent. It is only when we, the parent, become aware of our conditioning, patterns, fears, and desire to be in control, that we can then fully let go to then see and accept our children for who they are. When we begin to see our children for who they are, when we accept, and when we trust, it is only then that they can truly thrive. When we become aware, our children can then use their extraordinary learning capacities to change the world. They develop a strong sense of self, self-expression, and feel valued for who they are instead of what they achieve.  

 Grab a cup of tea (I’d recommend thyme), find yourself a cozy seat and stay a while!


Erica Kesilman


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To provide private, personalized support and guidance for families so that they can homeschool and parent with confidence and success.  In working with me you will gain the knowledge, skills to create an environment that fosters a love of learning, sparks natural curiosities, and empowers your child to capitalize on their inner drive and passions. 

Conscious, reflective homeschool services offers you deep insight into how you can raise healthy, confident, resilient, and driven children. My approach uses a unique blend of evidence-based child development practices that are supported by recent brain science, respectful parenting practices, and professional teaching strategies.

Let me show you how to ignite one’s passion to learn, overcome challenges, persevere, and build capacity to love learning for a lifetime.