Ways to Reconnect With Your Child

We are home with our families 24/7, but are we really connecting to one another? Finding authentic ways to connect can be difficult in these current times of social distancing. Striving to ground yourself and find balance without your usual face-to-face support from friends, family, and the community is hard. It leaves us feeling exhausted, stressed, and anxious at times.  […]

Bring on the Giggles

Our children are our greatest teachers in life. They teach us to live in the present moment and enjoy life ‘as is’ forgetting about the past and not worrying about the future.  They teach us about our biological, innate need to wonder, discover, and experiment with our environment. They teach us to persist and persevere through some of the most […]

Finding Your Rhythm

Consistency and predictability give a sense of calm, security, and peace.  And while we might like to believe and may often feel as though we are in control of much of our lives, in reality we are not. Much in this universe is out of our control and our future lives ultimately remain unknown.  According to the Centre for Studies […]

Settle In, Slow Down, and Let Be

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, our world has changed in drastic measures nearly overnight.  Feelings of fear, overwhelm, stress, and anxiety are real. Not only are we concerned about the health and safety of our own families, but we are also concerned about the well-being and livelihood of our greater society.  And for those of you who do […]

Real World Math

Curious, inquisitive, scientific explorers. Children are natural learners. In fact they are born mathematicians. And since children are born to learn, it is important that they have freedom to direct their own learning. This is the most effective way in which real, lasting, and meaningful learning can take place. Key areas of the brain that are responsible for executive functioning […]