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Conscious Parenting

Conscious parenting empowers you and your children to feel liberated to live a life of true meaning, joy, peace, connection, and compassion.

Self-Directed Learning

As an empowered and self-governing learner, you can energetically choose freely and responsibly experiences that invite a life of integrity, intention, mindfulness, and fulfillment.

Mind-Gut Connection

Become informed on how a few small changes can make a large impact on your learning capacities and overall health.

Raising Yourself, Raising Your Children Consciously

Conscious parenting and self-directed education are about basic human rights and core human values. It’s about respecting  ourselves and our children as whole, sentient, and sovereign beings who are entitled to equality, justice, and respect.  This is a movement to ensure that parents and children alike reconnect with the inner self and its unique power to live and love compassionately.

Conscious homeschooling was created based on the need for our society to awaken to the hold that our ego has over our lives. This ego, this false self, is not our true self. It is rooted in lack and fear and prevents us from uncovering our full capacity to learn, flourish, and thrive.  It separates us from feeling deeply connected to our heart space and feeling strong and empowered to claim our rights as humans. 

When we understand HOW to learn and not just WHAT to learn we can set ourselves up for a life of unending growth, transformation, joy, and full alignment to our true selves.

When we parent with an awareness of our internal world we can build a relationship with ourselves and our children through unconditional love, joy, and connection.

Because a conscious life is one in which we feel liberated and confident in our own skin we are more willing and able to explore our creativity, tap into our inborn entrepreneurial, innovative spirit and live fully in alignment with our true selves. 

If we want to live a true harmony where collaboration and innovation flourish, then we need to recognize the toxicity of fear, the counterproductive obsession with constantly doing and achieving in our culture, and the lack-based projections thrown onto our children that vastly stifles the learning process. 

The work starts with you, the parent. Are you ready to manifest as your true, higher self? 

With Conscious Homeschooling, I will support you in the process of becoming a conscious parent and learner. My work is dedicated to helping you become the parent you want to be and to creating a homeschool experience where your children take charge of their learning. 

I will support you every step of the way so that you can learn to parent and homeschool in ways to manifest unconditional love, confidence, and joy.

Start Your Transformation Now. Find out more about how to Parent and Homeschool the Conscious Way.

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"The greatest gift that we can give our children is our own self-celebration. When they see us owning, claiming, and accepting ourselves for who we really are then it frees them to own who they are."

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"Erica is an incredible coach. Her approach has helped us understand how our children naturally learn which has improved our relationship, not just in their education, but in everyday life. She helped us change old patterns and move into a place of connectedness, fun, and joy. Erica is patient, calming, and focuses on a philosophical process to empower us and our kids to confidently guide their own learning. She supported us in an amazing way! I highly recommend her!

Father of 2

"We are new to homeschooling, and hiring Erica helped us get up to speed and focused on the right things quickly. She took the time to ask a lot of questions and now really understands our situation. Our sessions are a great exchange of ideas and a way for my wife and I to get aligned on our values and goals. In between sessions, Erica is communicative, providing thoughtful and action-oriented suggestions and answers to our questions through email and text. Most importantly, instead of feeling overwhelmed, we are now implementing these suggestions and feeling positive and excited about the future of our daughter's home education!

Patrick and Jennifer
Erica Kesilman was critical to our family's homeschooling success. In 2020 the whole world was forever changed and so was the educational framework as we knew it. In the midst of all the chaos, a silver lining was shining through, Erica Kesilman - my dream of homeschooling became a reality. Each week, Erica prepared a carefully laid out plan with educational exercises and resources customized just for our family that were truly eye opening. During this process, Erica also encouraged us to learn more about the developing child’s brain, how it is designed, functions and what it needs to truly thrive. This for me was the most profound change in working together because it allowed me to not only create individualized and meaningful learning opportunities for my children but it also opened the door for me to be a more compassionate and calm mother knowing these fundamental truths, giving my children opportunity I always envisioned, that they always deserved. Erica Kesilman is an expert with heart and that is what makes her invaluable. Our family is so grateful to have Erica with us on our learning journey and highly recommend her to any parent seeking a deeper, more meaningful way to support their child(rens) love for learning and life."

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